Platform Engineer

London, England, United Kingdom · Engineering · 09-Tech-0027


Why us?

At RVU, we have the best of both worlds: the excitement of a start-up and the strength of well-established, trusted household names.

Together, we are RVU. Together, we have the power to reach consumers across the UK, and the technology to give them a world class online experience.

We believe in being great people to work with: we are very passionate about our own work, but we think that it’s important to make time to help others with their work - so that the entire team gets better every day. We are entrepreneurial - we believe in challenging the status quo and solving problems our users will face tomorrow. Perhaps most of all, we are inclusive: no matter who we are, where we come from, or which project we work on, we are one team with one dream: improving the lives of our users through awesome experiences.

The role

We’re looking for more people to join our platform team to help grow and improve our shared infrastructure platform.

Our goal as a team is to help our services deliver value quickly, securely and robustly.

We do this by running multiple Kubernetes clusters in AWS, creating common tooling to aid in development tasks and running shared services such as Elasticsearch, Vault and Prometheus.

Day to day tasks will include:

Examples of some projects we have recently worked on:

Our running services previously relied on having long lived credentials to access data that were rarely, if ever, rotated. We wanted human and pod identity to be used to grant short-lived credentials based on policies. We used Vault to build a solution to this problem, creating tooling such as vault-creds/vault-webhook to make it as easy as possible for developers to use these credentials with their services. (Blog)

We have a lot of existing AWS resource that have their access limited using IAM. We used Kube2IAM initially but experienced race conditions that would hand different role credentials to pods. We started work on a replacement and have worked with community to get it used in other places. Kube-Aws are now incorporating it into their deployment.

For some of our more important applications it was important to have them survive a total cluster outage. This meant we needed a way to easily route traffic to an application spread out across multiple clusters, so we created Yggdrasil, a tool to configure Envoy nodes to route our traffic between clusters based off Ingress resources. (Blog)

You can also check out our medium page to see a number of blogs on what we’ve been up to.


We are not expecting people to be experts in all of these areas, but we are interested in people who:


What we’ll give back to you:

We want to give you a great work environment; contribute back to both your personal and professional development; and give you great benefits to make your time at uSwitch even more enjoyable. Some of these benefits include:

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