Product Analyst

London, England, United Kingdom · Data & Analytics


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Why us

As an analyst, your input will be crucial in driving decision-making. We strive to simplify some of the most complex and daunting consumer marketplaces, to genuinely improve the lives of our users. Across our platforms - uSwitch, Money, and Bankrate - we give millions of people the tools, data, and insight to save thousands of pounds per year by taking control of their utility bills and finance products. We answer questions like How do we show dozens of broadband products in an order that’s best for the user? and What are the top 50 places where a first-time buyer drops out of the home-buying funnel? And why do they drop out?

What you’ll be working on

We’re looking for a product analyst to join our rapid and ever-developing London office. You’ll be using tools and databases including Google Analytics, BigQuery, MySQL, R, Python, and Tableau to tackle massive problems that we’re only just starting to understand, in order to:


What we’re looking for


What we’ll give you

What is the interview process

We try to be as transparent and sensible as possible with our interview process.

After that, we try to make a decision within seven days.

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